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Who Am I?

My projects, whether that means creating them or producing them in a tangible form, books and exhibitions, …. are not just a part of my life but the most active part of my life. During these times is when I come into myself. 


My creative process already exists within myself and is manifested in the appropriate time. I do not deliberately choose this time but I don’t sit down either in front of my computer or without my computer, with or without internet, to have ideas and plan my projects ever, I don’t walk in the woods or on the beach thinking what I am going to do next. It is much more about nourishing what already exists inside myself than about deliberately conceiving a plan. Once this creative process is brought into life it is also brought into light. This process is spontaneous but the recognition of it is an ongoing discipline.


This creativity within myself in one hand is encouraged by my personal contentment with spending hours just with myself, and on the other hand a deliberate isolation from external influences. I do not watch television, I rarely go to see films or photography exhibitions, sometimes I go to certain museums attracted by the artists of obscure lightning such as Rembrandt and George De La Tour, this I really enjoy. You see … what I really need to portray and share already exists within myself. I need shield and protect these my inspirations.


Even though the actual realisation of my work leads me to devote years at the time to living in different places it is not the geographical locations that attract me, it is what is going on there that it is not apparently visible to the naked eye. Exotic places and adventures do not interest me at all.  Even though for my new work in progress I am now based in Asia, India, Japan and Bali it is to understand and to portray the underlying ancient beliefs of these countries.


The tools to create my projects are multidimensional. My first dimension are my colours, they are black and white, my brush is analog photography, my canvas is archival paper, the process is silver gelatin and the result is portraying the unseen in an abstract manner. This visual expression is only one of many dimensions. Also I record different types of sounds, not only from humans but also from the surrounding environment with a hand held recorder. After combining both the visual and the audio it is still not enough, so I include moving pictures with video - still something is missing it is the physical need to hold a pen and have words appearing in the blank pages.

For me all these tools are only details what is important to me is to invoke the invisible, that is the feeling of something happening that can’t be seen.