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A Glacier's Requiem


A Glacier’s Requiem is both a visual and an audio monument to the ice Giants of this world. The visual are black and white abstract forms, symbolizing what is eternal not only in nature but also within our bodies. They are not icescapes; but life escaping and looking for somewhere to live on. The genuine sounds on the record – glassy, hypnotic, and discordant – wrap around this work like an acoustic blanket.

Messages From Another World


My photographs of the invisible world contain messages within different and varied terrestrial spaces, messages which form a tapestry of humanistic geography more visible to the naked eye than I had expected. This book covers six different countries to which I did not just travel, but where I lived for many months or even years, searching and finding special people who revealed other dimensions unknown to me. From the beginning of this project I was already convinced that the apparently visible world is a universe teeming with life that is invisible to ordinary sensory perception. Portraying this “other world” as an artist using the simple tool of black and white analog photography is the reason for Messages From Another World.


Spirits and Ghosts


From 1996 to 2002, she focused on Mongolia, where she led a medical-caravan by horseback consisting of eight horse drawn wooden cards to bring medicine to remote areas. During this years she also documented life in Mongolian prisons for a relief organization, and photographed the blight of poverty in Ulan Bator. A female shaman invited her to follow a small migration with reindeers and horses over the mountains of Siberia in the coldest months of the year. During the year 2000 2001 she filmed over thirty hours of rural life in the steppes and shaman ceremonies never recorded before.


Inside The Chelsea Hotel 

From 2003 until 2008 Julia Calfee temporary moved from Europe to the New York City’s famous Chelsea Hotel, with her vision of perceiving another dimension, she created a series of photographs about the unique and mysterious state of mind which rooms around the halls and inside the walls of that place which has been a residence for artists, writers and musicians since 1886. The years she spent in

the Chelsea Hotel were a visual quest for the unifying elements of the people who chose to live there and the ghosts who still lurk in the shadows.